2 November 2012

First day of Nov

31 . 10 . 2012   @   Wednesday

The last day of October. In my memory, I thought it is a happy day, because this is the day we returned books to SPBT. But I were wrong? Haha, aiyaaa, whatever la. Passed. And I found out recently I like to say, chin chai la  :S

01 . 11 . 2012   @   Thursday

Yoooo it's November. I don't wish to be happy. Because every time I wished to be happy a whole month, nonsense, it didn't achieve at all  -.-  So, chin chai la. I don't really care am I happy, but I hope I learn something from sadness. That's all. I am always strong ok?  :P

The first day of November, it's a holiday to my class, so I absent. I followed my mum breakfast with aunt and grandma. At menglembu? So yummy man!

Little fish ball


I don't know what is this, 
but taste very good!


After breakfast we went to jj. I planned to shopping you know, but I end up with eating ice cream. Funny  -.-  Actually I wanted to buy some clothes in Padini, but I don't know why I got no mood to buy. Girl oh girl, 真是善变的动物


Tadaaaa, the day dinner,
this is the new vegie cooked by my mum, hao chi!

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