31 March 2012

The last three days of march

29 . 03 . 2012 @ Thursday

peace ~

Digi came our school for a function,
and free this prepaid card for us,
but I am postpaid user, so I gave this to yining dy :S

Then lunch before tuition!
yining's cupcakes

My g cheong fen

Her milo ice and my coffee :)

Hehe, my house look,
very aunty style right? :S

I feel my face so fat here -.-


30 . 03 . 2012 @ Friday

School life,

After school bowling with friends,
for celebrating lilin birthday :)


Hui jia

Weng xin


The birthday girl!! :D

The stupids :P

Actually many ppl looking at us take this photo,
that's why bear looks so awkward, haha :P

Tea time :)


Then meet up with yining,
see, she bought a lot of these,

Then I treat her starbucks,
why am I so good? :(


Oh?I am not g.generation fanz,
just photo :)

So tired after hanging with them,
but still need to tuition :(

31 . 03 . 2012 @ Saturday

Breakfast before merentas desa

Get these rubber rings,
still got one, but I lost it :S

Then got two ppl showed off to me,
that they going to Aeon.

First is becky jiejie

Second one is kinlap gorgor -.-

Then I lunch with mama
Sakae sushi, not bad,
but their sushi not as good as others.

Love this like a love song babeeee ~

Then facial,
hehehaha, first time not red like usual :D

Changed outfit then out for dinner

End of march,
say hello to APRIL! :D