24 June 2012

2012 Korikulum Day

22 . 06 . 2012   @   Friday

The very first year, poi lam korikulum on friday. HAHA, how good? No need study  :P  When I reach school, I saw many form one and two boys at canteen run here and there at canteen. So active? HAHA

At first, we played ghost room. While lining up, a scout boy say that minimum 5 person, maximum 7 person to enter this ghost room. But we just have three person. Luckily we saw our classmates lining up in front there, so we join them. 3 girls and 4 boys, actually not that scary you know, cause is too light, can see where's the ghost. But I still can't control myself to calm down and keep shouting while those ghost touch me, haha.

After had our breakfast from those stalls, we keep walking here and there. And buy some foods to bear, cause she was duty-ing that time. After that, we feel tired, we go inside 3a2 and rest. Then start the party ourselves. Keep shouting, dancing, jumping inside. HAHAHA. Like orang yang gila. Then I suggested to play music chair, and I was the loser  -.- After playing, start to camwhoring!  :D


What's the problem to them? 


The last picture  :)
 Had a nice day with them!

Dismissed at 12:30 p.m.,
then lunch at domino with mum and maid


Funny summary,


The day fruit!  :)

Should I stop blogging?

18 . 06 . 2012   @   Monday


camwhoring non stop!


And we took a video,
HAHAHA, stupid video!

19 . 06 . 2012   @   Tuesday


That day I eat like a crazy. I ate maggie mee, chocolate, tomato juice and cookies -.-  Actually I am not hungry, but I just feel want to eat, LOL, mouth too itchy?  -.-


20 . 06 . 2012   @   Wednesday




Yiiiiiii , xiaoyun don't emo, haha.
my ast.monitor ask me why want to take picture while sleeping  -.-

Cute dahhhhhh!


Tips tips, 

Seriously, I no the mood to blog anymore. Sometime I just feel blogging is so irritating. I don't know how to describe my feeling well. HAHA. But I still got motivation to write.  What's the motivation? Maybe this blog already created three years and more, I don't want to stop, not willing to stop. Yau jor gam cheng  :P


11 . 06 . 2012   @   Monday


谢谢 xuan , 假期时她去了韩国旅行。哈哈,她买了 mask & seaweek 给我和 ann 。我还是第一次收到 mask 做手信,哈哈哈。

12 . 06 . 2012   @   Tuesday



听听熟悉的声音,也是一种幸福 :) 

edit 了一张旧照 post 去 insta


吃时还分外开心  :P

13 . 06 . 2012   @   Wednesday



为什么破不到 3M ?!

16 . 06 . 2012   @   Saturday


我就不明白为什么以前我会 fail seni  -.-

17 . 06 . 2012   @   Sunday




谢谢哥哥  :)


爸爸,父亲节快乐。谢谢你对这个家付出的一切一切。虽然我总是 lan lan si si 的,但其实你对我的爱,我知道的,谢谢你  :)