30 October 2012

School Tuesday

30 . 10 . 2012   @   Tuesday

Erm, today is a sad day to ELF? Although I am not one of the ELF, but I am quite not willing to see Lee Teuk to national service. My first time to see Lee Teuk is from Shinee's Hello Baby program, he is so in love with baby! After that, I watched ' We Got Married ' of Lee Teuk and Sora that introduced from those ELF,  then I started in love with this couple. They are so cute, so sweet!! HAHA, anyway, hope Lee Teuk got a better life after national service, FIGHTING!  :D

Back to the topic. I back to school today, so boring man  :/  Luckily I brought my phone there and got those crazy classmates accompany me, if not I would die  @@

Let's pictures do the talks

Why I keep peace?  -.-  The very first time take picture with the spec bear, haha.  Oh ya, I bought a book by 橘子 from my school book fair today. RM18, quite expensive? Hope it's a nice book la.

the 香饼 really thumbs up  *BIG LIKE*


The day fruit,
sweet mango, from mum's friend  :D


Self - Holiday

 29 . 10 . 2012   @   Monday

Self holiday yesterday! HAHA, I thought my mum wouldn't allow tim, haha. * drop spec *  :P  Wake at 10:10 a.m. , after grooming then eat curry mee that ' da bao ' from  mummy. So freaking spicy man!! Made my stomach so not comfortable. 

Around 1 something, my mum wanted to eat black ball again. She keep allure me! So I accompany her to there. But worth!  Slurpppp  ~  

Finished it, my mum fetched me back to house and she went to work. 3 something,  she came back and fetched me to grandma's house, for taking popo homemade ' wan tan mee '


 Grandma and me made this!
Not bad ok?  :P


Long time no see yoooo, 
bao bei men  :D


So freaking jeng lo please!  *nom nom*

went to the last tuition  ;)


Spent my Monday casually, not that special. I insomnia yesterday, feel so sleepy now  @@ Gonna take a nap, tata readers!

28 October 2012

Brunch with cousins

27 . 10 . 2012   @   Saturday

Brunch with cousins and mama yesterday.  Long time no meet them, sze sze and hoa hoa, they just finished their PMR and UPSR test. Huhu, I really getting old dy, they still got few years time to face SPM, but I still left one year  :S

First round, 
Berlin's Bier Houz

Second round, 
Black Ball


Yiiii, this is better than snowdream!  I thought snowdream is better than this tim. Recommend A1 to you all, the name really is A1 la. Go order!!  Maybe this is still new, so crowded man! Oh ya, saw some friends there also, haha.

See you kyu hyun, got road with max, haha  :P


Day time's outfit. I bought this when I form 1. 
YOOOO, still fit in size mar  :P  


Night's outfit, 

Just came back from facial. LOL, so red now. Thinking whether want to absent tomorrow or not  @@  I think mostly yes?  I can't endure the red la. Is watching Scarlet's Heart, so nice man, this is the second time I watched, still touch! Heard a sentence in this movie just now, 值不值得,只有自己明白。

27 October 2012

Aeon Food

26 . 10 . 2012   @   Friday

Having girl's pain  -.-  I WANT TO DIE LIAOOOO!!!  Mood off off off. I just chin chai chin chai post this, no mood to write at all, and I don't want delay again. 

Went to Aeon with mama, grandma, aunt and cousin yesterday. I bought something but no clothes, cause I no mood to try it. My mum bought one and two for brother. Wae yoooo, I want go again, I saw many clothes that I like!!

Lunch at a restaurant, 
I forgotten then name, something like Asian? I don't know. 
but NICE TO TRY  :)


Hide behind grandma, 

That's all for today la. I want to nap, to avoid the pain  -.-  BYE!  

26 October 2012

Sweet Sixteen

23 . 10 . 2012   @   Tuesday

23th of October, my birthday. Begin of the 2012, I started to expect my birthday everyday. This is my sweet sixteen, in my life, only once time. I planned how to celebrate, go where celebrate, celebrate with who.  But this year, I just celebrate my birthday with silent, with friend's wishes, with some hopes and without birthday cake, without birthday outings, without birthday boy friend. Furthermore, I having exam that day  -.-

HAHA, I don't know is it a curse, every year I got a boy friend before my birthday, I'm sure that I will break up before my birthday  -.-  My first love, we break before two months of my birthday. Since the first time I got the 'experience', then my heart got a shadow. When I got my second love, I always wonder will we break before my birthday? Facts have proved that, YA. We break before two days of my birthday. LOL  

End sad topic,
let's say what I happened on my birthday.

I got these as my birthday lunch, these are Batu Gajah famous turtle pao. Ate one already made me, FULL LIKE HELL  @@


Nothing to do. Played piano within two hours. I just realize, why I don't play a birthday song for myself that day?  LOL, stupid me  -.-

Oh na na, I get two present at school that day!
From Chow and Becky  :P

Yellow box from Chow, 
and pink plastic bag from Becky.

Chow's. This is so special gift. You know, she made the colorful powder herself and put into the little glass bottle. Not buy one. My mum said she so creative, haha. THANKS BABY! Loves  :)


These from Becky. Got chaaa, she so shy when she wanted to give me these. HAHA, what la. Although is a simple gifts, but I appreciate the mind  :D  Thank you also  *love*


My birthday dinner, 
HAHAHA so pity? NO!


Ann posted this and one picture to instagram. And wished me at fb, sms, line and insta, xie xie ni yo annn!  LOT OF LOVES!  :)


Lastly, the present from Kai Qin!  A belated birthday present. Whatever, I don't care! When I take this, I can feel it's a book  with touching it. HAHA, and I am right  :P

So freaking thick,  like a school project, haha!! I am quite shock she made this for me.  Because do this must use lots of effort on it, want to write, print those photo, cut and draw. And she was having her exam that time. Thanks you spent these time for me, ai ni!  :D  Since many people wonder how is it, so I post some pages for you guys to have a look.


When I see this, I quite touch, but I didn't cry la.
I am not a crying baby  :P 

Form 1


Twins face  :P


Thanks people who wished me also. Especially those people who countdown for me and send me a birthday text at sharply 12:00 a.m. Kai Qin and Chow so funny, they said they scare I cry when I receive the presents. Sorry lo, I didn't  :P  But I still very touch and like the presents so much, love love!

Oh ya! Thanks my family wished me also. No birthday cake this year, I ask my mum don't buy, cause I don't want  :S  Although this is not the happiest birthday, not the most perfect birthday, not the most presents and wishes birthday, but still, I love my sixteen years old birthday  :)

What I want to say to myself is: