30 January 2012

Lin - Cho 7

29 . 01 . 2012 @ Sunday

Yesterday is my beloved bearbear birthday. She is the eldest one in my gang, of course is the cleverest one. haha. Wish her pretty always, happy always and also get good result always, all the best, BFF!

That morning, woke at 9 a.m. During the holiday, yesterday is the only day I wake that early. Went to daddy a launching business. Wear like so weird, LOL -.-

Inside the show house,
got a lot of unique, cute decorations!

Mommy was sending ang paus to the children

And the party planner made a ' choi shen yeh ' to my dad,
haha, so cute!! never seen before.

Get hurt :S

Around 4 something,
we tea at old town.

At night, as usual,
back to grandma house for dinner.

My spec look is nerd,
isn't? O.O


Backed to school life, aiks, so pity. I really dislike every weekday wake at 6, is so suffer for me, I dislike when I am having a sweet dream then suddenly my alarm ring that I must wake up and end up my dream. I hate the moment -.- Uhmm, recently dislike to texting, I don't know why also. I prefer sleeping, haha. Today is cho 8, peeps are going to bai tin gong. But I am not, cause I don't feel like going, and I prefer sleeping also. HAHAHAHA. Okay, is time to sleep now, all the best to all the student who having exam next month, fighting!!

28 January 2012

Lin - Cho 6

28 . 01 . 2012 @ Saturday

The outfit, from taiwan also :P I like the rabbit top so much, cause it's so cute and it's so comfortable to wear. Today is a hang out day. Went parade, jj, de garden with kaiqin ;)

My breakfast!

Then keep walking around,
saw few friends, all samtet boys, LOL,
and bought this, new iPhone case :D

Kaiqin introduce me to eat this,
quite nice, but without honeydew will better.
* I dislike honeydew *

Then went jj for da tou tie, so angry when waiting a gang of girls come out. They eat inside, drink inside, self talk inside, chat inside. They spent almost half an hour inside. GOSH IT.

Finally turn us!

Tankaiqin, cut it then give me,
xie xie ni :)

Then tea at de garden, pappamia.
Actually I want chatime one, but the line up is so long long long -.-

This is kaiqin one,
she said jeng wor, hahaaa

At night, hei loi dang as dinner.
Relative came from kl

Cousin sister


End up

Not in a good mood, maybe is too tired, maybe is I really care the lie, maybe I should sleep now, maybe after tonight everything will be alright. Maybe the maybe is only a maybe.

27 January 2012

Lin - Cho 5

27 . 01 . 2012 @ Friday

Finally, my phone work on. LOL, had problem few days ago. Today is the fifth day of cny, the new year feel is getting lost :S

Today's outfit, so dark.
But I like the skirt so much, bought from taiwan.

Then I went to a relative house,
and I saw this, AHAAA

Then went to josephine as my lunch!

My chocolate cookie latte,

Mommy's ice blended,
not that nice.

Chili tomato spaghetti,
homemade sauce, thumbs up!

My baby fat yar,
when you want to break up with me?

Dark circle,

Actually I typed a long post. But I backspace it all. Because it's all my deep secret, deep feeling. I wonder, in future, will anyone be my deep secret's listener? I guess no, cause my self-protection is too strong.