31 August 2012


25 . 08 . 2012   @   Saturday

After facial, had this with mum at wong kok, 
mango plus honeydew sei mei lou :P

7 months passed, is time to buy new cons again! Hehe, I am biomedics users, but I feel like wanna change brand, cause if you wear after 12 hours, is really dry like hell!!  @@  I heard people said fresh con is quite good to use, but it is only famous on color cons. Wondering what brand is good to use, I mean colorless con. Any suggestion?

Dinner with family that night. Four people seven meals, omoooo!!! The main course of the dinner is crabs, but I dislike to eat seafood plus I am seafood allergic. Hehe, so this is for pap, mama, and brother.


Random shot when reach home, 


Saturday night, online and leong sui 
Quite enjoy  :D


Did you guys know my birth date is between at libra and scorpio? Some constellation book said I am libra, some say I am scorpio. So usually I see both side, see which is more true to me. This time, libra is more true to me!!

27 . 08 . 2012   @   Monday


Tomato juice and kayang gok as lunch

Li Ann captured this when I poking my hair  :S


Pimples is so obvious right?

29 . 08 . 2012   @   Wednesday


When I reach home, I saw my beloved xiao yun became like this. This is what my mum done. Xiao yun oh xiao yun, ni bian si yan mei ler!!!   HAHAHA

 And bought this as lunch, 
colorful butter cake, so cuteee!

Read this comic within two days. I feel I am so intensely  :O  But this comic is really nice to see. The content is about a stringent dad after amnesia, how is she life with his dad. STRONGLY RECOMMEND!


Then I eat this, 
mouth too itchy, haha  :P


Lui cha as dinner, 
popo made this, it's all vegetable inside, nice!!


 Random take

At the night, 
sit at here and online

This week after facial, my face still so red and full of pimples. Fortunately, it's getting less now. But after one pimples disappear, another pop out again. What's the problem huh?!!! 


29 August 2012

Recent life ~

Yo man, the time of now is 9:44 p.m. One more hour, is time for me to bed. I have nothing to do, furthermore, I didn't update my blog for a long time right? haha, and now I gotta feel to blog.

Firstly, my result, is really sucks this time. I thought 临时抱佛脚 is work to me, but as my result, seems not -.-  Kay, I will work harder for my final test, is the last chance to me!! I really don't wish to see my result getting worse & worse. The feeling is so shit when I get a bad result you know? But blaming no cure, action is more actual. LEE KAH PUI, PUT MORE EFFORT ON STUDY K?! YOU CAN DO IT RIGHT?! BELIEVE TO YOURSELF!

Those female friends who around me, is like many having a secret love. What I mean is 暗恋 , not 地下情 . Sometime I saw them looing at their lover, is like so happy. When the lover move nearer to them, they will get mad! Face red, nervous, keep laughing, act nothing, HAHA, how cute?! But sometime they saw the lover chat with other girls, they will scold the girls, haha! Is like really treat them as their boyfie, haha!! Today I chat this topic with kar wai, and she said that I seem less secret love to ppl. Ya, is really less to me, I dislike the feeling that I can't get what I want.

My recent life, I think is just a normal life to me. Not that happy, but not that sad also. Sometime I just feel like sitting alone and not to talk, I like to be quite, I mean sometime, haha. If friends or boyfie beside me, I will talk non-stop -.-  HAHA I don't know why also! Like just now, the whole afternoon I didn't talk, I just view some blog to read, play phone games, read to the comic, looking at the sky, and listen to the emo korean songs. You know what, I like to listen emo songs doesn't mean I am emo girl okay? I just like the rhythm of those emo songs, quite, slow, and relax. I love the feeling~ But after my boyfie talk to me, I will suddenly have a good mood back, haha!

You know, I am a girl who quite easily ' eat vinegar ' But I won't easily get mad with my boyfie, cause my endurance is strong  :P   Sometime I saw him talk to girls or else, my face will turn up 360 degree, but I won't tell him or what. I just let it be. And them keep scolding in my heart. You know what!! I am just not that perfect. He is nearing perfect  -.- and having many admirers -.-  I really hate to listen people tell me who is his admirers or ex-es -.-!!  Yo man! Telling me for what? WHAT CAN I DO? Go in front the girl and whack her gao gao, then kick her to Africa? Impossible right? PLEASEEE!! Do not tell me anymore k? -.-   What can I do is be a better and better me.

Because of him, because of myself, BE A BETTER ME!  :)  Is time to bed. So just stop here. Goodnight  *xoxo*

25 August 2012


 19 . 08 . 2012   @   Sunday

Had tea with mum at secret recipe,
curry chicken puff and high fiber cake.

20 . 08 . 2012   @   Monday

Up and up restaurant with mum and maid. The first day of raya, so we took maid out and had a curry meal for her. At first we wonder wanna out for lunch or not one, cause public holiday, scare no restaurant open.


Hehe, so geng lo wei, myself, haha!
Even my boy said me 'sai lei'  :P

 21 . 08 . 2012   @   Tuesday

Breakfast with family that day, 
curry mee

12 pm, out with kaiqin, how long we didn't hang out? We will getting less meet up, since she stop malay tuition, the only we tuition that we tuition together.Whatever, hope our friendship never change *peace*  The first place we went is wok sifu, acc her to brunch. She was so hungry! HAHA. Then k box.



While waiting her mum to fetch us back, 
we walk around and capture again, haha!


 Had a nice day with her  ;)

22 . 08 . 2012   @   Wednesday

 Normal day

My mum goes crazy  -.-
cooked four plate same style of dish  

 23 . 08 . 2012   @   Thursday

Hehehe, out with my beloved yesterday,


Random take in his car, 
I think he didn't know I took this, haha


He gave me this, 
yo! I am still 15 kay?  :P


 Then acc him to send stock, 
while waiting, I capture again  :P

Went pologround


Then we went to tesco, bought a correction tape. Haha, how funny? Went tesco not buying food but stationery. But no he wanted that type of pen, so we went to jj, haha. We tested the pen with writing these, haha!! 

Around 4 something, 
he fetched me back, and my mother saw it, 
said me kao zai  -.-


Ate this, 



And the day fruit


Nice chating with him last night  :P

24 . 08 . 2012   @   Friday

Today, is a bad worse worst luck day to me  -.-  Happened many bad things, whatever, don't complain here ler. I already complain to him  :/  And he comforted me 99, hehe, thanks baby! Furthermore, he made a surprise to me, I was so touch when I saw it  :O


OMG, love you baby, thanks for your big surprise. I will not sad anymore, think the positive side and be optimism!  :D

Too bored just now, 
I captured, AGAIN  -.-

Mom made this, 
so jeng!!!

Holiday left two days, I don't want back to school life  :(  I am still lazy !!!