28 April 2012

The weekdays

24 . 04 . 2012   @   Tuesday

I always do so when I kid
hahaha  :P

Before school

The day lunch

The dinner,
momo chacha, jeng ahhh   ~


Who dare to K me? 
cheh, haha  :P

Don't make me mad once a day,
if not I will make this hair and shock you!!  HAHA

25 . 04 . 2012   @   Wednesday


How long I didn't have rice as lunch?


The current highest mark,
why I can't back to over 2m mark?!  :(


See how nerd is the behind one, 

26 . 04 . 2012   @   Thursday

why so sweet?  :O

I have five, 
LOL no wonder my stomach so weak  -.-

ABC soup,

27 . 04 . 2012   @   Friday

My lunch,
salad patato and custard  :D

Simsimi too hungry? haha

 Tan Kai Qin is the one who write this!!

Awwww the boy so handsome, 
omg! sot si liao lor  :(

27 April 2012

Sick :(

22 . 04 . 2012  @   Sunday

 Sunday. When the moment I woke, headache! Pain pain pain, no words can describe the pain you know? Can you feel the pain through my face?

My deskmate always said this, 
ni men, la ji tong, la ji tong jiu shi ni men

My lunch, 
I used 1 hour to finish these

Then sleep again  -.-


 My childhood favorite movie, 

 HAHAHA yea so true!!

See those icons  :P

23 . 04 . 2012   @   Monday


Do you realized I changed my uniform? haha. Get catch from prefect. But I am planning to buy a new uniform when june, cause I feel my old uniform too short, so early change late change are same. 

Play talking ben before tuition


lat sei lei ma

Fa kei sam



What a lame face?


Just ignore my face  -.-


An enjoyable Saturday

 21 . 04 . 2012   @   Saturday

Yes, this post back to last Saturday, an enjoyable Saturday  :D  Rewind ... That day, I woke at ten something, but I keep delay & delay, until twelve something to have my bath, then I had my breakfast alone. Cause mama went for saloon, dumped me  :(

Can you see my face is very tired? Say cannot, haha! Around 3 something, mommy called me and asked : hey, I am on the way backing, you want to go secret recipe had tea with me? Of course I said yes, even I were watching movie that day. But, cake & movie, cake won  :P

Yogurt Chesse

Chocolate Indulgence

Something like chicken chop

This puppy is so cute, 
got abit look like my puppy baobao!

Dinner time, dressep up, 
then fetch kaiqin out.
Our first hanging at night  :D

Sushi King as dinner

While waiting the foods come, we keep capturing. She used my phone to capture, I used her phone to capture, haha lame. Then talkbox with waizai, he can't different out kaiqin voice and my voice, but our voices are definitely different  -.-  What ears he has?  HAHAAA

Have a take with my meal  :)


Self take before leave 

As we planned, we went for chatime,
our code is 1104, kaiqin's birthday, what a fate?  

Capture while waiting

Turned us. Pearl milk tea. My favor ever, hehe. Do you know how slow could she drink? When I already finished the drink, even I throw it, she can only drank half, LOL  -.-

We didn't drink finish then go out, 
cause she want skype with .... HAHAHA

After finish skype, 
we backed to jj

Saw a function there

Then kaiqin received her brother call, 
ask her want to join k box or not, k deal!  :P

K box with kaiqin, her brother, and her brother's gf

I love this, 
and I don't know why  HAHA

Cuteeeee   ~

Around twelve, I gonna say goodbye,
my brother fetch me back. 
Before I leave, had a shot with her, xoxo  :)

I've no idea why she said so, 
and I forgotten to ask her in a week in school   -.-

The midnight talk. Actually we were very sleepy. LOL. Then 2:54 am, she slept. I waiting someone, I don't know why I waited also, until three something, haha. No point to do that. K, that's all for that day. Stay tuned for the sick post & weekdays post  :)