31 July 2012

End of july

 28 . 07 . 2012   @   Satuday

Went to brunch with mama that day. Had a long long time didn't go to Secret Garden. Miss the food 99!!  


Coffee ends the meal




The boy is so funny, 

Stupid laugh  @@


Gotta feel?  :P


The day necklace,
sweet sweet  :D


At night, around 11 something, uncle lam and his family came to my house. His daughters and son came my room and find while I watching tiger cubs. At first they watched with me also, but till half, they starting take my barbie doll out, and played the bear bear-s. HAHA, they are so cute!

29 . 07 . 2012   @   Sunday


Brother bought chatime for me again, 
haha  :P


tarts that made from uncle lam's wife, aunty perry,


Cutes cats  :P


Dinner at grandma house,
on the way-ing


Day fruit, 


After 20 years, 
the passers-by still there, HAHA!


my good boy  :P

30 . 07 . 2012   @   Monday


Draw by yu xuan, 
wooooo, so nice!!!  :O


Wrote by li ann, 
she said nice wor, haha! *self-loving*


So trueee   ~


31 . 07 . 2012   @   Tuesday


Just now my lunch

Sometime, we just can't control something. What can we do is try to accept it. Isn't? But, not that easy.

27 July 2012

His sick week

23 . 07 . 2012   @   Monday

That day, my school got a blood donation, my boy friend got participate too. Actually, I feel so scary when he told me he want to do so, 350 ml blood leh! My half bottle of blood leh!! That's why I keep going to hall to see him. But after I dismiss he only donate  -.-  After he donated, he sick. So worry! 


Cute cute tomatoes  ~

Saw this at tuition table,


24 . 07 . 2012   @    Tuesday

After facetime with him, saw his sick face and I can't do anything to help him recover faster, you know the feeling?  :/

25 . 07 . 2012   @   Wednesday

 My lunch

Sometime, face the one who dislike you/ you dislike,
you just need to smile!  :D

And smile!

And big big smile!  

Smile enough, 
nap time  :P

Hehe, grandma homemade green green noodle,
so yummy!

How long I didn't eat apple as my day fruit?

26 . 07 . 2012   @   Thursday


Ya, a very tired day! But not feel to have a nap after having 6 hours school time, 2 hours tuition and 1 hour homework time, I just want to play piano to release all the tiredness I had!


After dinner  :P


27 . 07 . 2012   @   Friday

Today lunch

Haha, while waiting kaiqin's mummy come to fetch me,
what face is this!!!  @@

Warm picture  :)

Actually he already recovered today. But some reason, I lazy to explain here, he headache again. Ahhhh! Hope that he can totally recover after today. And good luck in his spm trial! Study hard baby! And you guys also, ADD OIL!