28 August 2011

After school :)

Double-peace, my peaceful life :D

Zhong gan fen gai :P

21 . 08 . 2011 @ Sunday

Yau zha gui

Well , this is the first time I ate bakuteh at 2011 -.-

19 . 08 . 2011 @ Friday

After school, have a hang with my dearest schoolmates :)
At first, we went to kopitiam for our lunch

Eating, and keep pressing phones :S

Then walk around & around,
and also, take picture again & again :P

Look's alike? :$

Toilet here :S

Each a cup!
After that, we went to starbucks for chating ;)

Pictures time !

Bear love this much,
cause its white -.-

Half face, HAHAH!

Nice talk :D


2008 - 2011 best friends,
wootsssss :P

This is a post that full of pictures and less words, kinda lazy to type lar :S Just came back from leo installation, I think I will post this post after I came back from sabah. Okay, now I want to pack my luggage dy, miss you guyssss! :)


27 August 2011

Had a nice date :D

27 . 08 . 2011 @ Saturday

Wootssss, have a nice date with my bestie TANKAIQIN ! Almost three months didn't hang at all, how sad?! We are so high today :D

I found these at my garden :P

When we reached parade, we quickly go to kbox, cause we scare no room AGAIN! But, it not open yet, LOL. Then we walk around and around. Finally, kbox dah open, and we straight away go in & SING OUT LOUD :D


I'm sure you all will laugh at this picture right? XD

Okay I don't mind you all are laughing,
kai xin jiu hao :)

Bu neng wo de shou, cong ci li ming de peng youuuuu ~

Okay, we record non stop inside kbox,

My breakfast, brunh, lunch, tea time.




For kaiqin is, chocolate cream chips & blueberry cheese cake
her favautrite!

For xiaoyu is, raspberry & chocolate caramal cake,
not match but jeng! :D

Have a picture at starbucks :P

After that, accompany kaiqin to buy some clothes, okay it's nice. Her mum keep asking me want to buy together or not. I'm shy lar yorrr :$ While I were waiting kaiqin trying her clothes, I keep playing with a handsome guy, woshhhh!

Jayden Him!

Did he look cuter after edit?

And we saw jenny too, at toilet, haha
unbelievable she recognized me :$

Hope will have a date with her :)


Oh sushi, today their service is so extremely fast! Omg, after you order, do not 5 minutes I think, all came, I were shocked man! :O Errr, guyssss, every time I just will post out those sushi that I never ate before, or it's look special. So that you all won't feel boring :)

Salmon, em choooo :D

Here got over ten japanese food,
unbelievable right? ;)

This is nice too, but my brother say its weird -.-

Okay these is cute but normal taste like,
emmm, salmon + rice? I think so!

Freshness salmon, I LOVE YOU! :D

Had a delicious dinner,
and my brother bill it, over RM200 here.

Bro , you're definitely rich! :O

When I went to the parking, I saw jj having a traffic jam,

Blog follower-ku, I'm not going to update my blog for this holiday I think? All august posts will stop and I will as quickly as possible to update my blog after I back from sabah. Is really many pictures stucking in my picture document, have a big picture jam there -.- Tomorrow, having a leo function. LEO MEMBERS, I WILL HAVE A CRAZY CAPTURE WITH YOU ALL :D