21 November 2012

New blog

This blog is having problem. Can't post picture. So, I created a new blog. If you want to have a view, click this >  www.xiaoyulkp.blogspot.com 

See you guys there! Tata!

16 November 2012

Jusco Member Fiesta Day

 16 . 11 . 2012   @   Friday

Ding ding, as usual, went to exercise. When I cycling on the cycling machine, the sunshine shoot me straightly to my eyes  @@

After that, reached home and quickly had a shower. But my brother was bathing, I can't use. Aunt reached, but I just came out from bath room, I quickly applied some skin care on my skin, dry my hair in 5 minutes, so rush man!!  Feel so sorry to my aunt, waited me  :/

After we ordered Mcd breakfast. The staff told us not this jusco member day, is station 18 that Aeon. This jusco only got member fiesta day. Is something like, erm, you spent RM100, you can get a RM5 voucher.


My breakfast


Burger can't fill my hungry at all  -.-
so we went to outside for breakfast again


And the back to jusco again. Crazy right? HAHA.  Simple outfit today. Bought a luggage, two thick jacket, some fruits, some household products, some stationary, and some clothes from Soda. Hehe.

While waiting to price the fruit, 
waited for so long man   @@

Afternoon, sit on the chair, the weather is so hot man!  Sweat 99!  And I headache the whole afternoon, so suffer. People said exercise can cure headache, lol, so I jogged for 15 minutes, really feel better after that! HAHA. After that, watched S.H.E concert, follow their song to sing is my always hobby  :D

Sushi Zento

15 . 11 . 2012   @   Thursday

Went to the Japanese restaurant yesterday with mama. Hehe, is worth that I didn't out with friends that day and promised my mum had brunch with her. Had a nice meal man!!  We had brunch at Sushi Zento, a new Japanese restaurant that placed at east garden, Festival Walk Buildings.

My mum said this restaurant name quite special


This is nice! But quite like chinese food?  Lady finger and spiral shell. Actually sauces is the point, no the sauce, no the taste.


This is the only taste not good,
the oyster got fishy smell  :S


This cost RM100, the staff said this is fresh kama. Woooow, really fresh, this is the fish gill there. Less fish bone, the meat is QQ one, hehe! The food we ordered are all good, except the chess oyster only.

Finished introducing the new restaurant.  RECOMMEND!  

14 November 2012

Classmates outing

14 . 11 . 2012   @   Wednesday

This is what I forgotten to post in my last post. In my bag, have phone, tissue, mirror and money (purse) that's all. Last time I always got a lip balm in my bag, but now I apply it before I out, too burden if bring it to anywhere, so I didn't bring it out dy.


This color is like, wowww!  :O  Not suit to everyone. Some people may be lala, but to GD, is so cool man!  Handsome increasing**  ;)

 Back to the topic, 
after exercise, these are my breakfast!

We dated at 11:30 one. But I was abit late. Sorry, don't blame me k?  :(  Because I want to wait my mum. I always wish to drive!!  Is more convenient me to go anywhere, and no need trouble others for fetching me. How good if government allow 16 years old to drive  -.-

We meet at Watson when I reach. They were buying skin care products that time, haha, ai mei liao! After that, sing k! HAHAH. This is almost all girl teen's entertainment right?






What's going on  O.O


Noona KarKah Style, haha.
Kar wai & Kah pui



I not really can posing like previous  :/
 I just keep peace and smile only

3 p.m. only have our lunch. When singing, my stomach keep glu glu glu, HAHAH! Wth, we can dance like crazy, sing like crazy at the start, but in the end, we all really no more energy, and starving! Rice was the only thing can cure our hungry!

After lunch, acc kar wai to buy shorts, bag, and some more. They spent a lot lar today! I think they spent over RM50, but I just lower than RM25, hahaha. Nothing to buy la, I just spent my money on food and sing k. Is a good thing also? haha, I think so  :P

Oh, today is movie valentine day? Saw many couple at parade, and of course, gang of singles more, haha. I saw a boy gift a teddy bear to his gf. Lol, seriously, I don't like my bf gift me bear. Hello, how old am I? Better gift me something useful. But what can I say is, different people, different needed. Is time to dinner, tata readers!

13 November 2012


13 . 11 . 2012   @   Tuesday

I don't know when I hurt this but I guess I hurt this when I exercise? I don't know la, I just know it's getting dark in color. Haih, no more 美腿之称 So sad mannnn!

As my recent habit, every early morning, 6:50 a.m. reach the destination, either club or pologround, one hour exercise then sayonara.  8 something reach home shower, then watch movie or sleep.  I tweeted something today, I forgotten to upload, so upload in the next post ok? hehe

 Nasi Lemak as breakfast,

Not clear right? I write it here:



What we called, 



Lunch with two grandma, aunt and cousin at East Ocean. So full after this, if pudding not red bean flavor. I prefer a type of fruit, I don't know what's the fruit's name, haha  -.-

After lunch, sat awhile in the restaurant then went to papa's project at Lahat. 

Fei po zai?  :S

Face this view and jacuzzi,
it is too enjoy life?  O.O


I sit at here for 5 minutes, 
enjoyyyy   ~


Before fetching grandma home, we went to petrol station, too bored. I capture with popo. Oops, actually is popo accidentally come into my cam, haha!

Cousin bought a lego sport car in Shell petrol station. If you add over RM40 oil, you can buy a lego sport car with RM12.90. I not really like to play lego when I am kid. I no this talent, no this interest also, LOL


Cousin done this in 10 minutes


Pass by a durian stall at bercham, 
they bought it  OMG!!

Durian?!  WTF OMG LOL I hate the smell of durian seriously, my mum knew I don't eat durian.
She asked: really don't eat? very delicious wor.
My face is like: are you crazy?  -.-

I sit at here for training my balance!


Too bored, 
exercise 25 minutes  :D


Oh ya, had a heavy rain today. And I forgotten to close the window of the car, the car parked at outside of the house. Sorry mum, wo bu shi you xin de  :(  Had curry mee as dinner just now, yaya. Gtg to brush teeth, tata!