28 October 2011









My birthday :S

23 . 10 . 2011 @ Sunday

My birthday,
a very boring day, cause I already early celebrate it :S

Early in the morning, as usual,
exercise! :)

How white am I ? :P

My brother played this game, HAHAHAHA
So funny :P

Look at the date and time :D

Karwai inbox me this,
touch :)

My birthday meal, chao fan,
hahahah -.-

At night, around 7, kaiqin came my house for gave me the present. How cute is the doraemon :P

Forgotten to rotate again!
So rotate your head, thanks :P

The present :)

Heheh, got the feel? That's all. Posted four posts in 3 hours. YEA I'M PRO, woohooooo ~ * Remember to roll down and up the posts, have a nice day guys ;)

My family :D

I am a girl, having everything she want. A great family, a best friend, a gang of schoolmates, a lots of friends, few boys loving, few chaser, many clothings, many branded bag, many accessories, many shoes, using two phones, a self room, and etc. I am so happy to living in this world.

I love you papa. Although you're don't like to smile when take picture. But in fact, you always joke with us, made me laugh like hell. HAHA. You never try to don't buy the things that I want before, NEVER. You give us a best life, treat me as your princess. Sometime I feel I am your boss, although you're a boss in a company. You used your salary to buy things to me, used your salary to give me a best best best life. I LOVE YOU!

I love you mama. Yea, sometimes we argue, but after a few days, we sure will talk to each other back. You don't like me to eat somethings that unhealthy, but you will still buy few for me, how cute :P You always bring me to every new restaurant, until I can out a book to introduce ppl to go I think? Sometime i will tell you my friendship problem, you will sit at there listen what I said, listen how I scold them. But I don't know why I don't cry in front you. Then I can hug you tightly :P

I love you, brother. Ahem, he is a good brother. Although sometime he will bully me. But I think I bully him more than he bully me? HAHAAA. He always treat me to eat when my parents went dinner. And we always discuss who pretty or who handsome. HAHAHAHAHAHHA. He is a computer and phone genius, he can solve every problem :O Sometime he will fetch me back to school, or dismiss school, then my friend will ask, eh? your new boyfriend? And I will answer: oh yes, my new bf. HAHAHA :P

I am glad to have this kind of family members. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Indulgence birthday meal with papamama

22 . 10 . 2011 @ Saturday

Birthday meal with papamama, but brother absent, he watched movie with his friends, how imperfect?! :@ Indulgence with papamama, great birthday meal ;)

How nerd is my face?! -.-

Take two :P

Wagyu beef, oh my love! :D

Three ppl, RM951.30
What I want to say is, thanks papa, hao ai ni!

Birthday cake, actually I don't feel like want to celebrate with a cake this year. I told my mum don't buy but my mum still bought it, haha. Thanks mama lar, ye ai ni! :D

Although not my favorite cake,
but I still love it so much :)

This face is ugly :O

Mummy & I

This is act emo ONLY

Oh I bought this big ribbon when I hanged with kaiqin also :)

I am a so hyper crazy & happy in this three birthday celebration :P Thanks family, thanks stitch, thanks schoolmates. WO AI NI MEN! *loves*

27 October 2011

Birthday outings with STITCH

22 . 10 . 2011 @ Saturday

Hanged with stitch that day, for celebrated my birthday, heheh :P The picture of above, is my that day's outfits ;)

Oh ya!
This is my mum gift me one, birthday RED JACKET! :D

At first, we went to kenny rogers for brunch,

Ice lemon tea & chocolate muffin
My favorite muffin, loves! :D


Mine ;)

F.O.S here

I want to eat the flowerrrr!

she wants to eat the grapes :P

Living cabin

Lan yeng :P

Kiss kiss! AHAAAA ~

scorpio babies here :D

Then we went to parkson, I saw a grey rossy, so nice! And I bought it with RM12.90. Around four somethings, we WALKED to greentown, for meet stitch mama. Yea, it's WALK! We walk & walk, walk & walk. I keep asking stitch, woiii, dou mei, dou mei?! And she said I like ah wong, HAHAHAH! Finally we reached!

And saw a cutie guy :P

How cute?! HAHAHA

Kaiqin like a mama! HAHAHA

Friendship for-the-ever :D

Reached home, can't wait to try my rossy,
then straight away go dinner with family, next post next post :P

On the way going dinner,
a guy spam my notifications, how speechless?! :S