30 November 2011

Last post of November :)

30 . 11 . 2011 @ Wednesday

Mini chocolate had finished! Left vanilla, haihhhh, although I not very that like vanilla taste, BUT! FINALLY! LASTLY! I ate also -.- HAHAHA


She like to spam me with this way, LOL,
very speechless!

My mum painted the altar today,
that's why her hand like this :S

Why my apps transparent dy?!

Emmm, the last day of November, one more month to go, 2011 is gonna end. Then form 4, then form 5, then graduate, LOL! Actually I am so scare to be adult. I don't know what I scaring of also. Whatever, I hope everyday is happy day, GOD BLESS ME. If you ask me: Do you enjoy your November life? I will answer you: yea, quite. Had happy, had unhappy. I know nothing is free. If happy come to you, unhappy will come to you once a day also. Yea, actually I am speechless lar, nothing to say. Because I am thinking something.

I think, I fall to you dy? I not that confirm. I just feel happy when text with you. But I didn't miss you when you didn't text me. Lol, since may or june? I didn't fall to anyone dy. Cause I control myself, I don't want to in relationship with anyone, I scare, I really scare break that moment. I don't want just because of a boy, cry whole day, don't eat don't drink. The life so suffer, so sucks. For me, 17 years old is a best in relationship age. But my boyfie must older than me few ages. I think I will very enjoy my boyfie fetch me back when dismiss school, have lunch with him, he teach me what I don't know. Hahaaaa. I don't want to talk more on my boyfie condition out, just let it flow. HAHAAAA. Tata guys! Ah! * I am in love with 2NE1 these few days, because of mama :D


Seee! My brother's honda baby had a very big huge large CASE! Accident, luckily brother was alright. Wanna around one month to be right back, oopsss, I will miss you, carcar :)

29 . 11 . 2011 @ Tuesday

Haha, I applied concealer that day,
that's why you all can't see my pimples!

My chocolate lipstick! :P

Wanna slap this face badly! HAHAHAAA

My brother took a very ugly pic from me, see his evil face, GOSHHHH HIM! I wanna delete the picture but he locked it! I wanna slap him, kick him, beat him! :@ But have a notice on mama's face, hahaha, she wear my big round spec, SO CUTEEE! :D

DINNER TIME with cousins!

* pictures will be dark, bu hao yi si *

There is pub area,
I were sitting the dinner area.

My cousin's ipad,
IRON MAN wor! LOL -.-

* I forgotten the name of those food :S


Lamp chop

Chicken chop

This is the famous food of overtime

Meat night,
no vegetable at all -.-

My grandma, so cuteeee!

Sayonara, at car! Mummy dislike overtime's service. And their toilet was soaking also, wtf -.- But their decoration and the feel is very jeng! I prefer pub at there more, if dinner, I prefer secret garden, hahaaaa ~

Then movie with mommy, from 10 pm until 2 am! LOL, so funny man, cry together, laugh together, shout together! HAHAHAAA. Even was 2am, I still can't fall at sleep, then I saw many facebook friends share out mama's links, woooo! So jeng! If I at the live there, I think I gonna crazy, SO HIGHHHHHHHHH

30 . 11 . 2011 @ Wednesday

Cause I sleep at 3 am, that's why I wake at 1 pm this morning,
hahahaaa, pig life :S

So hungry, my lunch!

I ate all this, wootsss! :P

Google today,
SO NICEEEE *winks*


29 November 2011


Hello, is gonna update you guys what I happened in these three days. Hehehhhh, at first, share a picture to you guys :P

To my student followers,
this is so true right?!

26 . 11 . 2011 @ Saturday

I forgotten to post this at last post.

I bought a disc at popular

That day, kaiqin and I listened a very nice song at popular inadvertently. Don't know why, I feel like want to buy this disc with a ' MUST ', LOL. Lastly, I bought. I listen every night, nice to listen before I sleep! :D

27 . 11 . 2011 @ Sunday

Went to de garden, dragon one to have my brunch with mama :)

My ice lemon tea tea teaaaaaaa ~

Mama's 芝麻汤圆,


上海担担面, mummy's favorite, she must order this every time she come this restaurant. But is too spicy to me, I can't endure the spice!!


my fav! :P

mean it will 流 when you bite it!

But the taste got abit weird,
I prefer fu shan one!

The night :)

28 . 11 . 2011 @ Monday

I ate this as my breakfast, g cheong fen,
it looks ugly but taste good! :D

Mini ice cream as my tea :P

Posted a picture to instagram :)


whatever, all passed! :D

Because I saw this,
hell nice :D

29 . 11 . 2011 @ Tuesday

TAI KAR ROCK, breakfast! :)

Lemon plus honey,

Then we went to see lamps :)

So cuteeee ~

Spider lamp!

Why so cute? :(

This so horror!!

This horse is lamp also,
on it's head!

Dang dang, everywhere is having christmas decoration, haha! Omg, I love this feel, expecting Christmas Day!! But this year pmr result will publish on Christmas Day. Happy or sad? :/