27 May 2012

Celebration of teacher's day

25 . 05 . 2012   @   Friday

See my face, so blur,
i was just wake up  :S


Spot me  :P


The two trainie teachers. Thanks miss chan, for teacher my class chinese Although your voice really soft, can't really listen what you said, but I know you already tried your best haha. All the best to your future life! Thanks miss teoh also. Althought you didn't teach me, but you always relief, always chat nonsense with us, and taught me many skills to study. Hope you stay long with your boy and all the best. LOVES!

Don't know who bought this,
the taste is unforgettable! Sweet like hell  -.-


I still remember my class high till sing song to teachers, even principal. OMG, their song is like wo ke yi, fantastic baby, yue liang dai biao wo de xin, xiao zhu xiao zhu fei du du and more. They treat classroom as k box? HAHA crazy classmates I have :D 


26 . 05 . 2012   @   Saturday

and also xinyi  :*

26 May 2012

Two days with him :D

25 . 05 . 2012   @   Friday

A school day. After dismiss, he and me walked to mcd. Actually, not that far, nearer than what I imagine. We walked with a umbrella, hehehaha, I am so careful right?  :P

When we reached, we sit for awhile. Cause that day is a jamuan day for celebrate teacher's day of my school, we both are full after the jamuan, so we just had ice cream there  :)

26 . 05 . 2012   @   Saturday

A hanging day with HIM

First, we went to wok sifu,
he acc me for having my brunch

He capture this without I knowing


And this is the revenge time  :P


After brunch,we watched MIB, a digusting movie but quite funny also. And we sat couple seat, haha, our first time to sit couple seat.

Then acc him to de garden for having his lunch. Around five something, I backed. Hmmm, not willing to back, cause I am going to hong kong later. The flight time is 9:15 a.m. Ahhhhhh, I'll miss you I bet :/


Reach home with pimple face 


The words for him:

You you you, yea is you, I know you seeing this. Take care of yourself at here la k? Don't sick! If you sick I will chop you into six pieces! I will take care of myself at hongkong too. He is the one who always remind me to eat fruits & drink water. Without his remind, will I remember? HAHA. Three more hours is your birthday, bie, happy birthday! Hope you like my surprise hand-made birthday card. In these days that I am not at here, don't always late back to house! K? Miss you, happy birthday, ILY  :D

24 May 2012

Exam ended!

21 . 05 . 2012   @   Monday

Tuition time

ann's stitch


Because of the chair  -.-

22 . 05 . 2012   @   Tuesday

So tired after schooling 


Fight with history that night  !!

23 . 05 . 2012   @   Wednesday


Fried rice as lunch


Where is this?
my beloved ma-chi  :)





24 . 05 . 2012   @   Thursday

Finally, exams end! YAYYYYY  I just want to sleep, I just want to play, I just don't know to study! Seriously, I have no put much effort on this mid-term. Just hope that my results won't that sucks. Peace lkp :S


Although exam ended, 
life still goes on, tuition on too  :/


this restaurant name made me laughed  XD


To those students who still having last paper tomorrow, add oil! Xiaoyu's supports here  :D  And I am going to have a meal, then sleep! hehe, missyou  ;)

21 May 2012


Get shock of this or not?! I get shock also, I think is the weather problem cause this? Because my skin very sensitive one and I didn't ate any seafood recently, so I guess is weather problem. Luckily after two days was fine. And someone, hahaha, look so worry. Nothing liao la, don't worry  :)

18 . 05 . 2012   @   Friday

No electric that night, what a bad luck?
Facetime with someone, suddenly dark out  -.-

Candle, electric touch, little fan are needed! Someone viber acc me, cause I am alone in house. HAHAHA he said he listen some sound, what the?! SHOCK ME, got ghost? -.- Chat until he asleep, cause he is totally tired. But the phone still on, then I off him, let him sleep comfortably  ~

19 . 05 . 2012   @   Saturday

Getting better  :)

Chicken folder set with mum

Had a first try with this,

serious dark circle  O.O

I miss the oneee   ~

why so funny?!!

Dinner, so full,
tea for digestion  ;)

20 . 05 . 2012   @   Sunday

In the midnight, someone called me, first time he chat with me, and ask me to sleep early. Second time, he ask me, do you know what's date today? HAHAHA and told me 520  :D

Maggie as my 520 meal

when I was kid, I was just that bad  :P

Bad tu zi  :P

21 . 05 . 21012   @   Monday

My lunch, 
roast bread!  YUMMM   ~