28 September 2012


AHHHHHHHHHH!!!  I want to cry badly  :(  I accidentally deleted a post that used almost 45 minutes to write. FINE!!! I decided not to post that post again. You know what's the feeling?  -.-  Just let the few days disappeared in my life bah, LOL. *self-comfort*

Love Days

Finally, I can post what I can remember clearly that what am I doing at which day!  HAHA.  Got a bad news to tell, erm, actually is my personal bad news only  -.-  My sweet 16 that day is the day I having exam.When I know it, I is like: OKAY,FINE.  Not that angry or what. Cause that day is having account paper2 only. Hope my birthday will bring me more luck to my exam *pray*

 26 . 09 . 2012   @   Wednesday

 My baby boy went to Taiping, and I knew he is having a drive to there. This is the far-est place that he drive, seriously, is quite worry. Hmmm, so I do a ' ping an fu ' to him. Hopes he is everything safe at there and stay safe to back ipoh!

28 . 09 . 2012   @   Thursday

I self-made bread to him that day, 
hehe  :P

My lunch




This is fail, 
like chewing gum, cant swallow  -.-


Don't know what grape is this, 
so many seed inside  *dislike*


Bie!! You know? Sometime not I want to be clever or pro. But fact prove everything. hahaha!! Gambateh to your fair also  :P


Had been one week more didn't upload photo to insta, because I were having serious pimple face that time. That day saw my baby upload photo. Then I sam si si want to upload also. No idea what face should I take, so I copied his face, HAHAHA!!


Smiling face + Pillow. 
I think 70% look alike?  



28 . 09 . 2012   @   Friday

After school,
went out with him awhile before he went taiping.


Bought chips more to his itchy mouth, 


Long time didn't take picture with him. These two, he win! Two also act so cute, but really cute, got sot-ed me you know? haha. But I smiley seem awkward  :S

Reached home, 
camwhore awhile then have my lunch


Soup + rice, 


When tuition, 
ann bring me sweet again, haha, NICE!!


Reach home and saw this at my house. Samsung Galaxy S3, my father's new phone. Seriously, my parents not that people who will pursue technology. So I am quite shock when my father show me his new phone. HAHA. I played awhile. The cam is really nicer than iPhone 4. Then I chat with my brother. He told me he gonna buy iPhone 5 when Malaysia is public offering. What can I say is: I WANT TOO!!!

Unknown Days

Ding ding ding ding, don't know which day and what am I doing again  :S  So just posting without date, peace! 

Chicken rice, 
long time no eat!!!  I MISS YOU!!! 


Snoopy fair, 
I spent one dollar to see this, nothing special  -.-


Popo made this, crazy!!!
  Is more spicy than the strongest spicy taste! 


Cucumber and leong sui can't cure the spicy-ess at all  -.-




The essay cause me this  :/


Another day, 
my favorite food  :D


Tomato juice


Actually spec is for covering my pimples  :(


Just finished this comic, 
quite touch. This story taught me be self-reliance!


Maid bought this from Indonesia too


Met this naughty, 
sor por,  HAHA





After 4 hours study, 
tomatoes for relaxing  ~


Mummy baked cheese tart for very first time!
 Seriously, taste not very good, haha

Not clear  :S



Purple sweet potato!  :D