26 February 2012

Saturday, school day

24 . 02 . 2012 @ Friday

Left this pic to upload it, hehe, kaiqin's hand writing!
Seriously I dislike the emotion, haha :P

25 . 02 . 2012 @ Saturday

A school day,
sigh!! :(

Spec for covering my one big one small eyes,
haha :S

:( because of school day,
I really dislike back to school on saturday.
That's why I don't participate kok0

Actually I am not gonna to have my lunch today one,
but I gastric, so I ask my maid to cook maggie for me

And the whole afternoon,
I keep fail upload picture to instagram

Dinner thime,
changed outfit!

Simple look

Waited around 45 minutes,
people mountain people sea -.-

I feel not that delicious only,
I don't know what so worth to wait -.-

In the car,
keep capturing! haha

Recommend two korea songs to you guys. First is whenever you play that song - huh gak feat le, the second one is don't act countrified - ali feat junghyung. Both girl's voice is too magnetic, love it!! Is 1245 a.m. now, I waiting someone back, even I am sleepy now. Should I sleep? Or stay waiting? haha, I don't know :S

24 February 2012


20 . 02 . 2012 @ Monday

guess what? this wrote by tankaiqin,
aiyer, rude you!! haha.

Saw this sentence at my chinese tuition paper,
so meaningful :)

Yea, life is simple,
just fuck the fucking thing away!!

And argue with someone :S

21 . 02 . 2012 @ Tuesday

this apartment is just too cool,
but I wonder will them fall down accidentally from the pool? HAHA

Wrote this when malay period,
so boring please. My body have no any malay cells -.-

22 . 02 . 2012 @ Wednesday

The day lunch,

And facetime with someone lor,

Then walk around outside my house with kaiqin, kaiqin's brother and their beloved jackie. haha. It was funny that jackie just listen what's kaiqin's brother order, but not listen to kaiqin! haha. And on the way I backing to my house from kaiqin house, on call with someone :P

And listen from someone,
eat more fruits!! :D

This chocolate is so yum!
you guys should buy it!!

M & M, my favor,
I hope this all are mine, are mineeee!

23 . 02 . 2012 @ Thursday

Acting kiss :P

Then lunch with yining,
and went to tuition ;)

24 . 02 . 2012 @ Friday

Nappie :D

I hope time can stop now. I really can't memorize all the points in these few weeks before exam. Arghhhh, gonna mad. Btw, I will add oil, support and pray for me please :( And forgive me will be seldom update.

Set the fire to the rain

20 February 2012

Boring, busy!

20 . 02 . 2012 @ Monday

My lunch,

This angle is nice for me,
can't see my pimples :P

Exam coming soon again, sienz nor. Want to study again. Lots of homework is waiting for me now, but I serious sleepy now. what to do?!