9 November 2012

Jj with Kai Qin

08 . 11 . 2012   @   Thursday

I wake at eight something that day, exercise at house. Mama off exercise every Thursday, so I exercise myself. Actually I planned not to exercise also, but my neighbour decorate his house, omggg, so noisy you know?  @@  I couldn't sleep at all, that's why I exercise, haha  * get force *

Finished exercise, after grooming I make s'more to eat, haha. Yaaa, when you eat it, the marshmallow will become abit sticky. 

Around 12 something, my mama backed then she fetched kai qin and I to Jusco. Omg how long I didn't hang with her?! HAHA. Sorry for let you waited for so long again!  :P

Wok sifu, kai qin's fav place! HAHA. I still full after eating my breakfast, so this is kai qin's brunch. After that, kai qin accompany me to cinema for buying night ' skyfall ' tickets. And she bought ' cold war ' tickets. We both bought night tickets for our family! Then we went for sing k, how long I didn't sing?!


See her,
so got gam ching, HAHA






Outfit of the day  ;)

After sing k, we went to ' da tou tie ' Wtf, was a wrong decision! We capture not nice as previous, ahhhhh, wasted money  :/

Since the outcome not nice, so we capture with phone. But seem not that nice also?  @@

I can't make pig mouth nicely  :S


After all, we hanged around, tried clothes also, but not nice. So we buy nothing, haha. Not a bad thing also?  'Cause we wasted the money for photo, lol. Kai qin said she won't hang out before our December's trip, nahhhh, remember what you said! * I bet she can't do it *  :P

Night, went jj for dinner before movie with family.  I wear spec, haha! When we reached jj, we saw kaiqin and her family waiting for movie. Got fate? 












Finished eating, left half an hour, so we accompany father to shopping! He shopped two pairs of shoes. Omg, how long I didn't movie with family?  I think the last time I movie with my family is few years ago?  LOL  


I always wonder I am Libra or Scorpio. But you see this tweet, the easiest get hurt from love in this year, Libra is champion, the fourth is Scorpio, no wonder which, I am the top five also, lol  -.-  Whatever la, peace life baby rain *muack*  

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