10 November 2012

Private Party

09 . 11 . 2012   @   Friday

If you know me well, you might know I like to sleep, haha. I saw this, I feel so true?  LOL  Sleeping is a cure? Or just a escape?  

The day hair ribbon! American star star, I like this ribbon the most in my collection. Look so cool? I don't really like girlish ribbon like rose, I like something cool  :D


Then follow mum, aunt and grandma to breakfast!

At Tanah Hitam, Chermor.  The journey to there need half an hour. Haha, butt goes flat  :S  But worth! I can't believe countryside got such delicious food!




There famous 月婆粉  
mean something like 醉酒汤 and 姜蛋  * zhen zhen jeng *


Reached home, watched a episode of ' to the beautiful you ' then I had a nap. When I sleeping, got a strong storm, shocked me  :S  Around 3 something, mum backed from work then we out to salon.


I like hair wash at salon! So comfortable mannnn  ~  The boss of the salon cut my hair. Cut two inch of spoiled hair. She said my hair too long and didn't really take care, that's why got lots of spoiled hair. I think I should take a good care, hope to get my healthy hair back  TT

First time dress up like this, petty skirt. Luckily have no tummy that night!!! HAHAHA. Feel too mature?  LOL, idk. People feedback me is nice, but I don't feel that nice?  @@

Went to papa's private business party at Secret Garden. Pictures do the talk  :)

Quite bored at there, haha. I keep listening what's my mum and aunties chat, seriously, you can learn something in their talks! Then brother and me early back.

He thought he love a boy, and unburden to the boy. OMG, how much courage he need?  If me, I think I will hide my feeling and don't tell the boy, LOL!!

Insomnia that last night, 
too badddd  ~  

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