16 November 2012

Sushi Zento

15 . 11 . 2012   @   Thursday

Went to the Japanese restaurant yesterday with mama. Hehe, is worth that I didn't out with friends that day and promised my mum had brunch with her. Had a nice meal man!!  We had brunch at Sushi Zento, a new Japanese restaurant that placed at east garden, Festival Walk Buildings.

My mum said this restaurant name quite special


This is nice! But quite like chinese food?  Lady finger and spiral shell. Actually sauces is the point, no the sauce, no the taste.


This is the only taste not good,
the oyster got fishy smell  :S


This cost RM100, the staff said this is fresh kama. Woooow, really fresh, this is the fish gill there. Less fish bone, the meat is QQ one, hehe! The food we ordered are all good, except the chess oyster only.

Finished introducing the new restaurant.  RECOMMEND!  

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