9 November 2012

How to make S'more?

What's S'more? For those people who watched ' to the beautiful you ' might probably know what's S'more. Still remember that Jae Hee barbecue S'more to Tae Joon, but Tae Joon went back, then Eun Gyeol ate it. Ya, that is what I saying!  :D  After I watched that scene, I feel it's quite easy to make, so I YouTube it and learn how to make. This is my very first time to make dessert/ food, I actually quite nervous before made it! HAHAHA.

A s'more (sometimes spelled smore) is a traditional nighttime campfire treat popular in the United States and Canada consisting of a roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker.

What you need :
Marshmallows ( the big size one ), Chocolate bar (Dairy Milk) and pieces of biscuit.

Place the chocolate on the top of the biscuit


Then place the marshmallow on top of the chocolate bar * place the marshmallow vertical * After that, put it into the microwave with the highest temperature for 3-5 seconds. The marshmallow will getting bigger. Remember don't put too long, if not the marshmallow will melt!


When you take it out,
the marshmallow might probably become like this.

Place another biscuit on top of the marshmallow,
 and press it so the s'more becomes flatter.

Tadaaaa, done!  Actually chocolate is too sweet for me at first, but now I make it every morning as snacks before I have my breakfast. I may try bitter chocolate next time.

If you are couple now, I think this is quite nice make for boyfriend? Haha, so sweet. K la, hope you guys like it and make it with successfully! ENJOY!

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