7 November 2012

Farewell Bowling

07 . 11 . 2012   @   Wednesday

Wake at 6:38 a.m. , went pologround for jogging. I like the way when my sweat like rain, haha! How good if my sweat is fat?  HAHA  -.-

After jog, bath, then dress up for the outing with classmates. I nap around 3 hours, omg  @@  My face so blur here, lol


Ribbon Spaghetti as lunch,
then went to parade.

How long I didn't out to parade? How long I didn't out with friends? How long I didn't ask permission from mum that I want to out? How long and how long? 

First round  :

First to last :
L - Lkp
B - Bear
C - Chow
L - Lian 


First to last :
J - Johnson 
N - Neo
W - Wwinhong
K - Kziewkoon

Johnson so pro, 
hundred and fifteen marks!  :O

Second round  :


I am the winner this time  :P


The third round I didn't capture, cause we were already tired. We just simply play, and started to play phone games, chat and capture. 

Omg, bear!
Kong do hui looks more girlish than you here  :O


 Don't know what we looking at  :S

Then went to lunch with them at Shilin. At first I don't feel to eat, but di gua is my favorite, I can't say no to it  :/  While waiting the food come, capture with lian.

But I can't finish it, 
so I share share with friends!



Mama & Papa
HAHAHA  the most hit 绯闻 now! 


We're peaceful family  :D
two daughter, mama & papa

Wtf can you don't act cute?!


I capture with a girl, 
a girl who look like a boy  @@

 After eating, we went shopping. Accompany people who want to buy thing. The most funny was when we at map, choose couple hanging ornaments for papa and mama, haha! And then I asked them, hey if I jump down from here ( second stair ) what reaction will you all have?
Some said ' I will run down immediately ' ' I will look down and say: eh? not yet die ah you? ' ' I will jump down with you ' and etc. What funny classmates I have? HAHA.

Oh why this is farewell bowling? Cause we may placement class next year, so, just hang out for commemorate them. Hope you guys got a better life next year, be hardworking! Forever 4A1  :D  *except bear  :P*

Sneak peek! I made ' s'more ' today. If you watched ' to the beautiful you ' , you may know what is this. If don't know, stay tuned for my next post. I will post out s'more tutorial. This is my very first dessert/food I made, taste not bad k?  :P


Grandma's lui cha, 

Gonna sleep earlier tonight. GOODNIGHT!

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