6 November 2012

Crazy Schoolmate's Photo!

05 . 11 . 2012   @   Monday


Hehe, first time to post out my every school day's breakfast drink. Sometime honey, sometime milo, depends on my mama mood. She is the one who make the drink for me, hehe  :P  Wae? Why got a box of cakes beside my drink? These are for my friends, hehe. Most of them said it's nice, haha!! 

That day I bring my phone to school. I didn't planned to photo with my classmates. I just promised Becky that I would take photo with her, haha. But, my classmates were crazy shooting  :S

5S2 here, got a badly smell there,
so ...  @@





My face so fat!!  *sad*
Chong Yining, no need cover your face la, still fat k?  :P


My class 绯闻, hahaha!
chow so shy here, but kong so happy  :$


Yiiiiiiii   :P


Another 绯闻 ?  


 We go crazy here!!




 Do you know how much my class boys like to photo? Even we girls said wanted to stop photo, they still wanted continue photo. WTF, nowadays boys  -.-

Why I so white?  


He wanted to take photo with pretty girl, HAHAHA, 
he so gao siew,  this photo take over five times  -.-


Monitor and devil chow



 After dismiss, Yining and me went to parkson by taxi. My very first time  :S   We stopped at parkson and walked to blackball. Just two steps, we heard someone horned us. Yining thought was her mum, haha. Is kst and kaiyi inside the car. So they fetched us to blackball, haha.


While waiting ...

Her don't know what,  strawberry flavor ice, inside got pearls, jelly, red bean. She said not bad, if lesser or even no red bean. Mine was boba pearl tea, NICE!  Oh yaaa, Yining said green bean can cure pimples, oh really? 

After that, we went parade, this time by walk. So thrilling!!  :(  Got a gang of malay guys followed us while walking. WTF, luckily got a aunty there, we ran to her. Then ran to parade, ya, we ran like world gonna end!  @@ 

My aim to there is buy birthday present to my 'dearest' kaiqin, hahaha, dearest!! Sorry for the belated present, but still full of loves k?  *hug*  Want to see the present? Keep scroll down!  Yining's aim is eating, but she end up with eating nothing.  Papajohn's wedges out of stock, shilin too big, sushi have no her favorite, marry brown she dislike, macarons too expensive, starbucks food not enough time to eat, see, she really hyper 'yim jim'  -.-  We waited kaiyi buy starbucks, then kst fetched us to tuition. Aligatoooo   ~

 Ah jie there so yeng, 
we sambil k-pop simbil tuition, so cool man! haha.

After tuition, my mum is like crazy driving. She need to rush to home for answer my England aunt call. Like playing roller coaster, hahah!!  Reached home I walked to kaiqin house, for giving her the belated birthday present. She said my present and her brother's gf present are the most actual present. Haha, thought buy a stitch phone case to her, but no stitch, so I choose a kitty case to her. Hope you like it baby, PEACE!

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