16 November 2012

Jusco Member Fiesta Day

 16 . 11 . 2012   @   Friday

Ding ding, as usual, went to exercise. When I cycling on the cycling machine, the sunshine shoot me straightly to my eyes  @@

After that, reached home and quickly had a shower. But my brother was bathing, I can't use. Aunt reached, but I just came out from bath room, I quickly applied some skin care on my skin, dry my hair in 5 minutes, so rush man!!  Feel so sorry to my aunt, waited me  :/

After we ordered Mcd breakfast. The staff told us not this jusco member day, is station 18 that Aeon. This jusco only got member fiesta day. Is something like, erm, you spent RM100, you can get a RM5 voucher.


My breakfast


Burger can't fill my hungry at all  -.-
so we went to outside for breakfast again


And the back to jusco again. Crazy right? HAHA.  Simple outfit today. Bought a luggage, two thick jacket, some fruits, some household products, some stationary, and some clothes from Soda. Hehe.

While waiting to price the fruit, 
waited for so long man   @@

Afternoon, sit on the chair, the weather is so hot man!  Sweat 99!  And I headache the whole afternoon, so suffer. People said exercise can cure headache, lol, so I jogged for 15 minutes, really feel better after that! HAHA. After that, watched S.H.E concert, follow their song to sing is my always hobby  :D

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