7 November 2012

Last day of school

I searched his profile just now, his name is Lee Hyun Woo. I thought he is exo member, but I am wrong, simimaseh  :S  But I am quite shock he is only '93, omoooo! Same age with my brother, haha. If he is my brother, I think I will sot sei, haha. Of course, my real brother not bad also mar, haha  :P


This scene, I am so in love with this scene. This is what I always imagine as my birthday celebration with my boyfriend. HAHA, not exactly same with my imagine but not bad also.  And I want my boyfriend smile like this to me as my birthday present! So cute, so charm, haha  :D

06 . 11 . 2012   @   Tuesday

Renew a plaster before school,
so pain man  @@

Lian minis this. Oh?  Minis machine got such cute things? Seriously, I never minis anything before. But someone minis thing to me before. When I received, I so touch, but I didn't show to him, haha. That's really a good memory  :)


School day, 
classmate captured this  -.-

Chow made these   :O
So nice right?!

This is what she always do in class. Sleep on the table, haha.  I don't really remember what she doing that time.  But she looks cute here? haha


Lian was busying to do project that time, 
that's why she is not here  :/

Vitagennnn!  How long I didn't drink?!  Orange and grapes flavor are my favorite, but the container is it too small to drink? Hope vitagen will increase the size once a day.

Chocolate of the day

Dinner, big spaghetti!
 Taste not that good.


Then sleep at here and watch movie!
heheee  ~

When watching movie, mum suddenly show me this picture. So lame lo my mum, she captured me and grandma when I leaning my grandma. HAHAHA, zha dou  @@

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