13 November 2012


13 . 11 . 2012   @   Tuesday

I don't know when I hurt this but I guess I hurt this when I exercise? I don't know la, I just know it's getting dark in color. Haih, no more 美腿之称 So sad mannnn!

As my recent habit, every early morning, 6:50 a.m. reach the destination, either club or pologround, one hour exercise then sayonara.  8 something reach home shower, then watch movie or sleep.  I tweeted something today, I forgotten to upload, so upload in the next post ok? hehe

 Nasi Lemak as breakfast,

Not clear right? I write it here:



What we called, 



Lunch with two grandma, aunt and cousin at East Ocean. So full after this, if pudding not red bean flavor. I prefer a type of fruit, I don't know what's the fruit's name, haha  -.-

After lunch, sat awhile in the restaurant then went to papa's project at Lahat. 

Fei po zai?  :S

Face this view and jacuzzi,
it is too enjoy life?  O.O


I sit at here for 5 minutes, 
enjoyyyy   ~


Before fetching grandma home, we went to petrol station, too bored. I capture with popo. Oops, actually is popo accidentally come into my cam, haha!

Cousin bought a lego sport car in Shell petrol station. If you add over RM40 oil, you can buy a lego sport car with RM12.90. I not really like to play lego when I am kid. I no this talent, no this interest also, LOL


Cousin done this in 10 minutes


Pass by a durian stall at bercham, 
they bought it  OMG!!

Durian?!  WTF OMG LOL I hate the smell of durian seriously, my mum knew I don't eat durian.
She asked: really don't eat? very delicious wor.
My face is like: are you crazy?  -.-

I sit at here for training my balance!


Too bored, 
exercise 25 minutes  :D


Oh ya, had a heavy rain today. And I forgotten to close the window of the car, the car parked at outside of the house. Sorry mum, wo bu shi you xin de  :(  Had curry mee as dinner just now, yaya. Gtg to brush teeth, tata!

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