5 November 2012

Simply update!

03 . 11 . 2012   @   Saturday

Lol, I forgotten blog about last Saturday, omoooooo  :S  But I watching new Hong Kong drama now, so I just simply do a quick update. Sorry for the chin chai-ness!

Last Saturday, I wake at 8 something, hehe, exercise again! At Perak Royal Golf Club, I am always the youngest there, most of them are elderly. 

Facing to this view, 
not bad


Recently I can't really take nice self capture, feel myself so not the nice  :S  But I don't mind to post, I don't know why also, LOL!

After exercise, 
reach home and have this, hehe.

Then went Aeon, 
with mama and brother.


Brunch at there, 
and simply walk around then sayonaraaa   ~

Dinner at Nam Fat, long time no eat. Their 炸料 are famous, delicious neh. And I love their sirloin, aiyoooo, super tasty!


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