14 November 2012

Classmates outing

14 . 11 . 2012   @   Wednesday

This is what I forgotten to post in my last post. In my bag, have phone, tissue, mirror and money (purse) that's all. Last time I always got a lip balm in my bag, but now I apply it before I out, too burden if bring it to anywhere, so I didn't bring it out dy.


This color is like, wowww!  :O  Not suit to everyone. Some people may be lala, but to GD, is so cool man!  Handsome increasing**  ;)

 Back to the topic, 
after exercise, these are my breakfast!

We dated at 11:30 one. But I was abit late. Sorry, don't blame me k?  :(  Because I want to wait my mum. I always wish to drive!!  Is more convenient me to go anywhere, and no need trouble others for fetching me. How good if government allow 16 years old to drive  -.-

We meet at Watson when I reach. They were buying skin care products that time, haha, ai mei liao! After that, sing k! HAHAH. This is almost all girl teen's entertainment right?






What's going on  O.O


Noona KarKah Style, haha.
Kar wai & Kah pui



I not really can posing like previous  :/
 I just keep peace and smile only

3 p.m. only have our lunch. When singing, my stomach keep glu glu glu, HAHAH! Wth, we can dance like crazy, sing like crazy at the start, but in the end, we all really no more energy, and starving! Rice was the only thing can cure our hungry!

After lunch, acc kar wai to buy shorts, bag, and some more. They spent a lot lar today! I think they spent over RM50, but I just lower than RM25, hahaha. Nothing to buy la, I just spent my money on food and sing k. Is a good thing also? haha, I think so  :P

Oh, today is movie valentine day? Saw many couple at parade, and of course, gang of singles more, haha. I saw a boy gift a teddy bear to his gf. Lol, seriously, I don't like my bf gift me bear. Hello, how old am I? Better gift me something useful. But what can I say is, different people, different needed. Is time to dinner, tata readers!

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