12 November 2012

These few days

Is free now. No blogging mood. Haih, too lazy too lazy  ~

10 . 11 . 2012   @   Saturday

Not like usual, didn't out with mama for having brunch that day. We just simply cook at house and eat at house. Oh! Is mum cook, haha  :P


My mouth itchy, 
then I had a cup noodle  LOL  


Since I ate so much, it's a must to exercise more that day. I jogged for 50 minutes, exhausted!!!  I always told myself, if you want to eat more, exercise more!  So far, this determination still on with hundred percent. ADD OIL BABY RAIN!  :*

I ain't nude here okay?  -.-
I am wearing singlet

Night, after grooming, went for dinner.  This picture I don't look like very dress up right? Haha. Simple flowery dress, not a very nice hair, dark circles  O.O  Haih, I just hope I can sleep well everynight, no more insomnia can?  :(

After dinner, dad went next round with his friends. So, I have no choice, I must follow  :(  Stay there till 11 something?

11 . 11 . 2012   @   Sunday

Curry mee as brunch!


Bean sprout chicken

12 . 11 . 2012   @   Monday


This morning, before I exercise, I vomit.  But still, I went to exercise after it. Determination strong kaw kaw man!!!  Wan tan mee as breakfast  ;)


Before nap, I was very thirsty you know?!  But I too lazy go downstairs and drink, so I just straight away sleep. After nap, I got no voice to talk  @@  So I quickly drink this bowl of soup, haha, really can talk back after it, haha.  Magic soup?  

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