4 November 2012


04 . 11 . 2012   @   Sunday

Yooo man, I wake at 6 today, like school day. Why? Because I went to pologround with my mama for jogging. I jog two big round and two small round, wow, my leg's muscle so, erm, not pain, like tired?  A whole day don't feel to walk anymore  :S


People mountain people sea, 
so crowded  @@


I feel I so dare to post this, haha. So ugly  @@  Oh ya, I saw Holly and her boyfriend there, yiiii, so sweet!! HAHA, hope you two stay sweet  :D


Had breakfast at old town, 
waited for 20 minutes, but worth, delicious!


After that went to tesco, 
Vitagen!  Long time no drink


After nap, I found out I hurt my leg. Wae yoooo  :(  You thought small case? Sorry lo, when I bath, I really don't know how to describe the pain, especially the soap water flow my wound, I shouted : AHHHH   :O


Long time no eat cup tomyam!!

My maid bought this for me,
Indonesia snacks  :D


Mum baked chocolate cake today, I didn't help her this time. Gonna bring this to school tomorrow, share share to friends. I am so good, HAHAH


When I watched this scenes, 
I awwww, so sweet  ~


 On the way to grandma house!

Yoooo, today is Kai Qin's birthday. No surprise dy, I haven't give her this. By the way, hope she be happy everyday. And don't be lazy. I know you can get good result always if you don't lazy. ADD OIL BABY. Always support you whatever you do. *she can sing well and dance well  :P

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