2 November 2012

Started exercise!

 02 . 11 . 2012   @   Friday

Still is a holiday to my class, hehe. I think I will not going to school  begin next Wednesday. School days are freaking boring you know? Furthermore, I have no motivation to school, I just wish to go out any day to anywhere with anyone. PEACEEE   ~

Ding ding, today I went out with my mum, aunt and grandma again. I don't mind go out with adults always. At least don't let my life stop busying, I really don't want to stay at home and think shit things. I hope to spent my days with people who care me and love me  :D

Wake at 8:30 a.m. , after grooming, went to grandma house to fetch grandma and aunt. Duck is the breakfast at Chemor. This duck is shooooooo nice man, inside the duck got lots of it's neat juice, don't need to apply any sauce already jeng!

Then accompany them to bank, 
so boring at there  :S

After fetched cousin dismiss school, we went to greentown for eating blackball again. My mum is totally a blackball freak now!  I already accompany her to eat this four times in six days. Crazy is the only word I can describe on my mum  -.-  

My recommendation to you guys : A3 and G don't know what number, but it's name is ' boba ' pearl milk tea. If don't like it don't complain to me, this is my fav taste   :S


Reached home nothing to do, mum ffk me to club exercise. But I planned to start exercise, so I do it in house. Jogged 40 minutes, wo tai qiang le la!!!  Hope I cam maintain this determination everyday!! 


After bath, I watched first and second episodes of  ' to the beautiful you '  Erm, quite nice!  But they not very good in acting?  Prove that they are 偶像派 , ain't 演技派


I feel sulli with the boy of  the first pic looks more suit than minho ( the boy of second picture )  The boy of the first pic, who can tell me what his name?  He is so cute with his mushroom hair!  HAHA.  Min ho just chin chai chin chai, I not very like him in this movie. Sulli not bad, but I like the boy of the first picture the most in this movie. He so cute and funny, haha  :D

Is watching first episode of ' absolute boyfriend ' ( 绝对达令 ) through astro shuang xing now. Not bad to watch ;)  I think my movie addiction is back, haha, I must enjoy kaw kaw in this holiday before SPM. Peace life baby rain, love you, goodnight yooo  :D

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